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Leiser ?

Leiser was born out of our love for cars and our quest to create the positive future we crave.

We have always loved cars and all the rush and excitement sports cars bring about. We love the beautiful shapes, the speed, the sound, the fury, and the countless stories they embody.

At the same time, we believe this love has the power to enable a mission far greater than ourselves. A mission to create a regenerative energy future, providing quality of life for all.

In ever changing times with different values, different ideals, and different dreams, we belive that one constant will always prevail: we are all human, forever swayed by our emotions.

Silence ?

While yesterday was largely characterized by noise, we believe that tomorrow will be all about silence.   

To us, silence stands for appreciating continuous states of mind over exhilarating peak experiences, for prioritizing active depth over passive highs – for choosing substance over noise!

We see substance in knowing, rather than seeing. Substance in the smile on your face when approaching your personal piece of art. Substance in quality of life. Substance in being useful, rather than signalling virtue.

Ours is a contemporary, silent approach which goes far beyond the objects we create. We don’t overpromise – but strive to over-deliver.

What is luxury,
tomorrow ?

By its very nature, luxury is bound to be scarce and of limited supply, a pleasure obtained only rarely. Turning dreams into reality is without doubt the ultimate luxury, so, when our dreams change, our concept of luxury is bound to change, too.

At Leiser, we see luxury as a source of personal inspiration rather than social extroversion. We believe in inwards rather than outwards, in quiet discretion instead of loud decadence. We commit to a conscious relationship to things of value and quality, and we are convinced that luxury must always remain contemporary, in line with the times. 

What is quality of life,
tomorrow ?

The greatest challenge of our generation is to successfully transition to a fossil free economy. Turning a regenerative future into an inspiring reality is hard, if you ignore the human nature and believe that prohibitions or someone else will solve our challenges.

We believe in inspiring humans to be part of the solution and drive positive change. At Leiser, we take on this challenge bridging human emotion and technology. We believe in the power of dreams and solutions that fuse people, planet, and profit.

Offering solutions that improve the business and happen to be part of the solution, we encourage people to discover themselves and be part of the solution instead of the problem.

What is
Leiser - today?

Leiser is the manifestation of an idea that we secretly and only semi-consciously envisioned a long time ago, when our dreams started to change. It began with the irresistible idea of a silent sports car, and it grew into so much more over the years.

To us, the sustainability buzzword has nothing to do with how much CO2 our produts and solutions save or the ESG score we achieve. Rather, it signifies our long-term perspective driven by our sense of responsibility and our motivation to look ahead, stay humble, and help shape a future we believe in, a future we care about.

Leiser is our mindset, our attitude, our belief, and we warmly welcome you to join us on our path.


Samuel, Robin

OEM Disclaimer
Leiser Electric GmbH electrifies sports cars to showcase clean technology embedded in vehicles. Leiser does not manufacture or sell automobiles. Leiser is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed, nor, in any way, affiliated with the original manufacturers of the cars. Any car brands or models mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders; any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only.