When times change,
dreams change.

The Leiser Pendulum is a playful representation of the relationship between time, battery electric technology, and the sports cars we love.
The moment we first experienced electric drive in a sports car, we knew that it could work magic for the cars we love most. Years later, we started Leiser to make our dreams a reality.

We set out to build cars that fill us with wonder and excitement again. Cars that raise the right kinds of questions. Cars that transcend time but can be driven every day. Cars most people didn’t know they loved… until they drive them.

Over the years, Leiser grew into much more than our little automotive dream boutique. While slowly working on our prototypes, we felt times changing ever more rapidly, affecting both our industry and the concept of luxury more broadly.

In this context, we want to offer a more compelling scenario of an automotive future we are passionate about – a future we look forward to, a future we are proud of, a future we crave!

The best cars
they never built?

Porsche 964 converted to electric drive is charging on a charging station along a mountain road
It’s about knowing rather than seeing.

Leiser offers an antithesis to the ostentatious luxury status symbols of our time.

In reimagining and remastering the cars we love, we are guided by the principles of understatement and simplicity. Staying true to our name, we will never scream or shout: our design will always be silent and discreet, our product radical and minimalistic, and our production volume limited by the nature of our artisanal production processes.

Want to learn more? Curious to go silent?

Mapping out ways
to shape your tomorrow.

Tesla Model S and Volkswagen Käfer Bug from top to illustrate that times have changed in the automotive industry.
Multiple decades of electric car driving and industry experience have taught us that technology paradigms don’t change over night. But when they do, they trigger a landslide.

With services ranging from sales training, performance management, and leadership coaching to go-to-market strategy, brand building, and tech consultancy, we help our clients navigate these wild waters by building bridges through time, empowering them to write their own story of a brighter tomorrow.

What is
Leiser today ?

Electrified Porsche 911 driving on a fictive bridge to the future we crave.
As an automotive boutique of the 21st century, we translate our views, our hopes, and our dreams into our values, our culture, our products and services, and everything else we do. We put substance over noise. Ours is a contemporary, silent approach to rare pleasures and fresh insights which goes far beyond the objects we create.

Leiser is our mindset, our attitude, our belief, and we warmly welcome you to join us on our path.

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Contact Us

OEM Disclaimer
Leiser Electric GmbH electrifies sports cars at the direction of its clients. Leiser does not manufacture or sell automobiles. Leiser is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed nor, in any way, affiliated with the original manufacturers of the cars. Any car brands or models mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders; any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only.