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Co-Founder, Director

If there was one red thread that weaves through Sam's life story since his early childhood like a sloping Autobahn, it's a very iconic German sports car. His first drive in a Tesla Roadster, however, brought his Stuttgart-centric belief system to a brief collapse – and gave birth to the leading question behind Leiser: What is automotive love, tomorrow?

Sam soon realized that the car(s) he really dreamed of had already been built but needed electric drive. His background in finance & economics, management consulting, and his experience of working with an exclusive electric focus at the Swiss Volkswagen Group entity allowed him to gain a deep understanding of the EV industry from a technological, innovation and charging ecosystem point of view. It also made him further narrow in on his vision of creating the best cars they have never built.

In 2012 he met Robin on a Roadster test drive, and later that decade they started engaging in an ongoing conversation about perfection in cars, relativity in time, and zeitgeist in luxury. Applying his visionary mind and his dedicated heart, Sam directs Leiser towards achieving silence, since tomorrow.


Co-Founder, Experience

In the early 1990's, little boy Robin was fascinated by a boxy red Fiat his father used to take him to school with every day. But it wasn't the colour that got him – it was its electric drivetrain! Sporting barely 40 km of lead-acid battery range and a long yellow household plug charging cable that could be pulled out from its grill, this Panda clearly was the coolest car in the world!

Cars – particularly electric and classic ones – remained a theme in his life, so two decades and a humanities degree later, Robin joined Tesla to help people go electric. Before long, he understood that effective sales was all about strong relationships, emotional storytelling, and culture – which allowed him to build, lead and coach sales organizations across Switzerland and Germany for Tesla, and eventually for other EV brands by consultancy.

In 2012 he met Sam on his first day at work for Tesla and later that decade they started engaging in an ongoing conversation about perfection in cars, relativity in time, and zeitgeist in luxury. Next to his other business in the creative and event industry, Robin shapes and moulds Leiser to be not only a brand, but a meaningful experience in product and services, conveying silence as a mindset.

OEM Disclaimer
Leiser Electric GmbH electrifies sports cars at the direction of its clients. Leiser does not manufacture or sell automobiles. Leiser is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed nor, in any way, affiliated with the original manufacturers of the cars. Any car brands or models mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders; any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only.