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“The best cars they never built”

Sports cars, reimagined as emotional clean tech products. Each project is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail, engineering, sustainable materials, component and software integration, and craftsmanship.



Electrified Modern Classic Sports Cars

The best cars have already been built. Integrating the latest technology challenges all our competencies and inspires us to create clean tech applications in energy and more.

“The way forward is backwards.”

James W. Walker


In Automotive

Leiser offers an antithesis to the ostentatious luxury status symbols of our time. We see cars as a timeless source of personal inspiration and pleasure, a store of value and values.

Silent Luxury

It’s about knowing rather than seeing. The principles of understatement and simplicity guide us. In our automotive and renewable energy-driven boutique, we create products that cater to your imagination. The best cars have already been built, upcycling them leads to timeless automotive luxury.



The best cars have already been built. Our design will always be silent and discreet while our technology sets benchmarks.


  • Drivetrain & Controls: Latest technology seamlessly integrated
  • Interior: Bespoke, Animal-Free Alternatives
  • Driving Dynamics: Original weight, improved comfort and acceleration
  • Design: Slight adaptions to the body, bespoke paint
  • E-Mobility: State of the art bi-directional and fast-charging



Passion for Detail

From electrified drivetrain to silent design and interior.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein

drivetrain & controls

Electric since tomorrow

After removing all internal combustion components, we fit our model-specific, fully integrated conversion kit. It’s as if the car had been designed for electric drive from the beginning.

Craftmanship, man stitching steering wheel.


Silent Since Tomorrow

We upgrade classic looks with modern materials, instruments, controls and functions that were unavailable when the cars were built. All to turn the cars we love most into the perfect daily driver. The only limit is our imagination.

driving dynamics & design

Silent Since Tomorrow

To account for daily use and silent electric performance, the chassis and driving dynamics are upgraded. We add a touch of silence by updating the vehicles’ body design to a more modern and aerodynamic look.



Electrified automotive icons

The cars we love most with the technology they deserve today.

Electric Porsche 911 964 in front of a tree in snowy condition.

AIR-cooled 911

(2020-2022) Small Series Approach

A small, lightweight classic sports car that uses energy efficiently.

Classic cars come with a timeless and silent look. What if we combined a classic sports car with modern electric technology, integrated in a light-weight approach?

The idea of the classic sports car reimagined for daily use was born.


The classic sports car from the air-cooled era with technology that was not available when this icon was born.

  • Modern 400V technology
  • Real-world range of about 300km and DC fast charging
  • Weight identical to the original car, increased perfomance
  • Animal-free interior
  • Bespoke paint (Azzuro Thetys with Gold Pearls)

water-cooled 911

(2018-2019) Proof of Concept

A small, lightweight modern classic sports car that uses energy efficiently.

Sam's Tesla Roadster was his daily. Being the first emotional cleantech product known to us, the car provoked thought. What if we electrified a much better sports car to become a truly inspiring daily?

We took the 997 Carrera S as a base and went from there with a one-off proof of concept approach.


The modern classic sports car from the water-cooled era with technology that was not available when this last analog 911 was born.

  • Upcycled OEM batteries and drivetrain
  • Real-world range of about 250km
  • Similar acceleration to the original car
  • Bespoke interior

Tune in to silence…