When times change, dreams change

WE ARE ALL  human, forEVER swayed by our emotions.

we are all  human, forever swayed by our  emotions.

The best cars theyneverbuilt?

Creating the car you never knew you always dreamt of is about questions far beyond the product or the technology – questions of culture, of symbolism, and of history.
In electrifying and upcycling the cars we love, we create cars that fill us with wonder and excitement again. Cars that raise the right kinds of questions. Cars that transcend time but can be driven every day. Cars most people didn’t know they loved… until they drive them.
How do we bring the spirit of silence to the greatest cars in the world? Could the best cars in the world become even “better”? What is “better” anyway? How can we draw from these vehicles’ characteristic past, creating a memorable future?
Pursuing what we consider to be the ultimate luxury, we turn automotive dreams into reality. We start with cars we love. We reimagine them. We re-engineer them. We remaster them. We upcycle them.

Silent boutique

The image shows products from our boutique, an electrified sports car and our timepiece. It demonstrates the infinite possibilities in 3D CGI visualization.
We bring silent luxury to homes, offices, cars & more.
When dreams change, the concept of luxury, consumer behavior, and the automobile are bound to change, too.

What is zeitgeist,
tomorrow ?

For decades, the personal automobile has been stylized as a highly visible, audible, and mobile medium of self-expression. Sports cars, above all, are symbol-laden objects of desire, inviting us to get in, turn the ignition and go for a drive, uniting with the machine, so to speak.

In the current decade, the automotive industry is undergoing fundamental changes as the car is gradually commoditized. Some classic cars will retain their allure of times long gone, reminding the world of what automotive love used to be. It was about actually driving the car, rather than being driven by it.

Further, the very activity of driving cars will become increasingly difficult in an ever-tighter regulatory framework. In this context, we want to offer a more compelling scenario of an automotive future we are passionate about – a future we look forward to, a future we are proud of, a future we crave!

OEM Disclaimer
Leiser Electric GmbH electrifies sports cars to showcase clean technology embedded in vehicles. Leiser does not manufacture or sell automobiles. Leiser is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed, nor, in any way, affiliated with the original manufacturers of the cars. Any car brands or models mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders; any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only.